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By doing that we are creating opportunities for everyone. We place teammates with companies and we place companies with teammates so this recruitment firm works both ways. We work for the teammates to help them find an opportunity with a great company like yours plus we work with companies to help them get great teammates needed to get the jobs done.

Company History

Wrenchmen Mafia started as a small group of elite technicians on a Myspace page, and soon grew to over 4700 people. They had to pass a test on the front end to even get in. If they didn’t pass they could try again but only three times… We started that group because we as ASE Master techs certified, Cat, Cummins, and Detroit certified people knowing our way around the shop plus the management aspect of the business needed this.

We wanted a place where we as techs, managers and owners could share our problems, experiences and just make contact with the others out there in the field. After working in the repair sector and moving our way up those ladders, We saw the challenges to finding and retaining great people. That is the reason We’ve now dedicated ourselves to finding people and helping them find great companies to fire up their careers. By doing that we are doing our part to help the transportation industry thrive!

So if you have a need to find Great people to make up your Great company, bump our website to fill out the form or drop me a note in my inbox at ddillon420@gmail.com.com


I read that the industry market will need 75k new technicians/mechanics by the year 2022. Are we going to be ready for this? I just shook my head….

We, here at, WMR have been seeing a growing need for quick lube techs in the truck and trailer OTR preventive maintenance (PM) industry as well as a growing need in the private/dealer truck and trailer repair industry,and in the truck and trailer truck stop repair industry.

People, I think we will be needing way more than 75k techs in 2022. JUST SAYN!!

Here’s the skinny on this:


What are Technicians looking for? They posted these three questions and these are the results that came in.


Pay and Benefits covered 72%

Techs/Mechanics want to have a good benefits program that lets them take care of their families, make enough money for them and save 4% of the total income. Not much to ask for now is it? These teams provide the needed repairs to keep America moving.

“A hard days work deserves a good days pay.”

I remember when I was 18 and had a child and I made $200.00 a week before taxes. Not so long ago it was only 1989.Crazy how the world changes in a short time. But with change
comes real life.


Location came in at 18%

We found that the outlining locations are paying less because they bring less to the table in revenue to the companies. What would happen if companies paid more to you to drive farther to work? Would you do it? I remember driving 72 miles one way for three years to make more money for my family.So my answer is YES. In turn for that extra money I made sure I did my part daily to help bring more to the table for the company I worked for. Felt like a fair trade to me!


Career advancement came in at 10%

Every Tech/Mechanic knows that the body will take abuse but it will start to change as well. We all beat our bodies up performing our duties while on the job. Some are just more demanding than others, some create more stress than others and so on. But advancement is an opportunity to shine like new money within the group you’ve worked with for all those years. It is great to move through the ranks achieving the goals others set in front of you and moving on to the next.

Then it's your turn to teach others that came in and filled the boots you left for them.

Our Promise to you

We will work hard to find the teammates you need with the experience you need them to have. We will only send you qualified teammates that fit what you are looking for and that are truly looking for an opportunity to grow with a company.

We will also work hard to find companies that want to offer career opportunities to only the best fits in the business.

We will not over charge you for our services and we will always keep them fair. We are not a corporate giant that needs to have huge sales to help you with your needs.

Find The Team

So how do we find the needed teammates to make all this happen? Well it’s kinda like fishing. We reach out to qualified applicants. How do we do that you might ask? Well through what we call Social Media. Facebook, Google, Job boards, etc. Back in the day, it was the local newspaper or word of mouth.

This article I read says just that.

Check out the number one on this list.

  • Word of mouth came in at 71%
  • Job boards (Indeed, others) came in at 49%
  • Google came in at 34%
  • Dealer or Garage websites came in at 33%
  • Local Newspaper came in at 33%

I personally would have thought it would’ve been Social Media by a long shot. But they say its still the talking of people.

I really like the thought behind the whole thing. People talking to people about opportunities and change.

Also about people working for great companies and wanting to help great people find opportunities as well. People taking care of people!!!

That is just how we handle business around here at WMR. We talk to our clients about the needs they have and we work for them to find that needed teammate. We keep in contact with them during our process to keep them aware we are working for them, and grabbing those other opportunities to find more for them. We talk to our candidates to interview them and make sure they fit with the company we are working for. We present only the best fits with each company, because we want to help people find the best place for them and help create a long lasting working relationship for both the company and candidate.

If you would like to hear more or talk about what we can do for your company, feel free to contact us at ddillon420@gmail.com

Helping companies find great people and great people find great companies.